All About The Program

A. Rationale

In pursuit to the City Government of Davao’s commitment to provide Davaoeños an excellent public service in different areas of governance and total human development, the City Government of Davao shall integrate and advocate the mental health initiatives in all human resource and organizational development policies and programs in the agency and ensure that every employee is consciously
aware and sensitive to mental health issues and programs. The City commits itself to promoting the well-being of people by ensuring that: mental health is valued, promoted, and protected; mental health conditions are treated and prevented; timely, affordable, high quality and culturally-appropriate
health care for these conditions are made available to its employees; such health services are free from coercion and accountable to the service users; and employees affected by mental health conditions are able to exercise the full range of human rights, and work and participate fully at work, free from  stigmatization and discrimination.

B. Objectives

  1. Strengthen effective leadership and governance for mental health by, among others, formulating, developing, and implementing agency policies, strategies and programs relating to mental health;
  2. Develop and establish a comprehensive, integrated, effective, and efficient mental health program responsive to the psychiatric, neurologic, and psychological needs of the employees;
  3. Protect the rights of employees with psychiatric, neurologic, and psychological needs;
  4. Integrate mental health care in the basic health services for government employees; and in the human resource systems and processes; and
  5. Integrate strategies promoting mental health in the workplace.

C. Coverage

This MHP shall cover all employees of the City Government of Davao, regardless of employment status, including regular/permanent, Co-terminous, Job order and Contract of Services.

D. Guiding Principles

      1. Non-discriminatory
        An employee at-risk shall not be discriminated in any form, regardless of status,
        age, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, creed or religion. Any employee at-risk or identified to have mental health condition shall not be discriminated in terms of recruitment, promotion and termination. They shall not be discriminated nor prevented to receive  benefits as government employee because of their condition. They shall continue to perform their duties and responsibilities provided they are issued a certification certifying that their condition does not impede their  productivity and still fit to work, and continued work will not aggravate mental health condition.
      2. Reasonable Working Arrangements
        Personnel identified to have mental condition and have undergone treatment and recovered as certified by an attending physician or mental health practitioners (Psychiatrist, Psychologist) shall not be prevented from returning to work provided an accredited mental health practitioner (Psychiatrist or Psychologist) certifies that he/she is fit to work. In addition, the  Department Heads shall make work arrangements adaptable and flexible to accommodate employees-at-risk or identified with mental health conditions.
      3. Confidentiality
        All information and medical records, including those submitted during the recruitment process shall be protected and treated with confidentiality, as provided under applicable laws and rules, particularly the Mental Health Act and Data Privacy Act.
      4. Rights-based
        The right to health as enshrined under the Universal Health Rights is promoted, protected, and fulfilled thru the mental health program.Employees-at-risk or identified with mental condition shall not be deprived of the opportunity to work and to participate in policy-making and program implementation relating to mental health. Employees-at-risk or identified with mental condition shall not be prevented from exercising their inherent civil, political, economic, social, religious and cultural rights. Employees-at-risk or identified with mental condition shall have access to affordable evidence-based treatment and medical services and participate in mental health advocacy, policy planning, legislation, service provision, monitoring, research and evaluation.
      5. Sustainability
        Mental health incentives shall be integrated into the Health and Wellness Program to ensure their sustainability.

E. Strategies

  1. Workplace Counseling
    This service is for employees who want to seek professional help through confidential access to a Registered Psychologist. The appointment can be made thru a Google form link ( or via email (
  2. Conduct of Mental Health Wellness activities
    b.1 Regular stress management activities (daily/weekly mindfulness
    meditation activity);
    b.2 Team building activities;
    b.3 Organized and skilled paraprofessionals/Mental Health first-aiders;
    b.4 Physical fitness activities (zumba and other dance exercises);
    b.5 Support group for employees with special concerns and needs (lactating
    mothers, single parents, widow/widower, parents having children with special
    needs, with chronic illnesses, and retiring employees, etc.);
    b.6 Interest group sharing (hobbyist, various sports players, pet owners, etc.)
  3. Provision of continuing mental health awareness and psycho-education
    c.1 Production of Information Education Campaign (IEC) materials on mental
    health (e.g., poster, leaflets, online mental health resources like the wellness
    hub integrated in the HRMO website);
    c.2 Conduct of regular learning sessions, brownbag sessions (short informal
    sessions), symposia, or fora on mental health-related topics;
    c.3 Conduct of stress debriefing to identified/selected personnel who suffered
    tragic, traumatic and stressful life experience and/or event;
    c.4 Administration and implementation of group psychosocial processing to
    employees whose main functions directly involve rescue, disaster response,
    risk-reduction and management.
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