List of Applicants Who Passed the Pre-Qualifying Exam on August 24, 2018

Republic of the Philippines
City of Davao
List of Applicants who PASSED the Pre-Qualifying Exam
Date of Exam : August 24, 2018 a.m.

No. Name of Applicant

1. Abasula, Gelchrist Orchill Magnetico
2. Aron, Joharie Dirindigen
3. Benico, Joumi Leonero
4. Carlos, Joshua John Macuto
5. Delos Santos, Neriza Montante Tuastumban
6. Lastima, Neil Roy Conje
7. Managat, Jill Tawasil
8. Mawalic, Julie Mai Sobrecarey
9. Pala, Louise Torremocha Aguirre
10. Perfecto, Thernalyn Mejorada Pono
11. Redondo, Rutchel Ontolan
12. Siangco, Margie Ann Zafra
13. Toribio, Rhodessa Napalit
14. Torres, Abigail Cerlos

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