List of Applicants Who Passed the Pre-Qualifying Exam on July 27, 2018

Republic of the Philippines
City of Davao
List of Applicants who PASSED the Pre-Qualifying Exam
Date of Exam : July 27, 2018 a.m.

No. Name of Applicant

1. Agbisit, Kim Ivan Concon
2. Albano, Princess Guillen Mallorca
3. Ampong, Henry Jr Guirigay
4. Banta, Justine Cortado
5. Basa, Ralph Magic Migallos
6. Castillo, Maria Theresa Dalisay Maningo
7. Labrador, Nathasia G
8. Lagmay, Aloysius Glenn CariƱo
9. Manceras, Fayma Pua
10. Mendoza, Gene Marco Yaco
11. Namoc, Kristine Mae Idong
12. Omar, Benzaid Joali Tuazon
13. Parantar, Jebrey Basoc
14. Puyoh, Sherina Abdulhaman
15. Quibo, Sanikbhen Diale
16. Ticong, Gabriel Angelo Rioferio
17. Unabia, Judy Ann Madino Betican

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