How to apply for employment

A. Applicant submits application letter with complete requirements to the Personnel Selection & Transaction Division(PSTD) of the HRMO for evaluation;

B. Applicants will be advised as to the schedule of the Pre-Qualifying Exam;

C. Applicants takes the Pre-Qualifying Exams;

D. Applicants who passed the Pre-Qualifying Exams will be notified as to the schedule of the panel interview to be conducted by the Personnel Selection Board(PSB);

E. PSB prepares and submits the Comparative Assessment Report(CAR) to the City Mayor;

F. HRMO conducts Background Investigation (BI) of the first 5 highest ranking applicants;

G. City Mayor chooses among the first 5 highest ranking applicants whom he/she will appoint based on the BI report and CAR submitted;

H. HRMO through the PSTD prepares the appointment for signature of the City Mayor and attestation of the Civil Service Commission;

Requirements :

a. Application letter (2 copies) addressed to the City Mayor through Mr. Erwin P. Alparaque, City Government Department Head II, Human Resource Management Office;

b. Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212);

c. Photocopy of Transcript of Records, Diploma or Form 138;

d. Certificate of Employment from previous employer, if applicable;

e. Photocopy of Certificates of Trainings/Seminars attended. if applicable;

d. Photocopy of Certificate of Eligibility or PRC License, if applicable;

e. Certification of Masters Units earned, if applicable.