How to avail of the Study Leave Program

  • for Board Review and Examination (6 months)
  • for Masters/Doctorate & Thesis/Dissertation (4 months)

A. Applicant submits all the documentary requirements to the Training and Development Division of the HRMO for evaluation of the Personnel Development Committee (PDC);

B. PDC secretariat evaluates all the documents submitted and informs the applicant on the schedule of interview;

C. Applicant undergoes interview/assessment by the PDC;

D. Upon favorable recommendation of the PDC, the HRMO Head endorses the documentary requirements to the City Mayor;

E. Upon approval of the City Mayor, the PDC prepares the contract between the employee and the City Mayor.

Requirements :

a. Application letter of the employee addressed to the City Mayor through the HRMO;

b. Endorsement from the Department Head;

c. IPCR with Very Satisfactory Rating for two (2) consecutive rating periods;

d. Certificate of no pending administrative charges from the City Legal Office;

e. City Clearance;

f. Approved Leave Application;

g. Administrative Slip from Review Center or School Registrar’s Office;

h. Approved research proposal, if applicable.