About Us

HRMO Vision

A learning organization highly motivated and committed to service excellence towards maintaining a globally competitive human resource for the City Government of Davao.

HRMO Mission

We commit to translate our vision into reality through innovative HR strategies and responsive & sustained personnel mechanisms to develop the workforce to their full potential, thereby becoming globally competitive and recognized human capital achieving the development agenda of the City Government of Davao

HRMO Pledge

We commit to :

  1. transform our organization into a learning environment where employees are skilled in creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge;
  2. consistently enforce the Civil Service laws, rules and regulations;
  3. pursue a sound recruitment, selection, placement and promotion system to provide equal opportunities for employment;
  4. provide cost-effective, efficient and need-based human resource development interventions;
  5. foster a healthy working environment among employees in various departments regardless of culture, gender and religion;
  6. design/formulate policies to provide better compensation as well as other benefits for the employees;
  7. strengthen HR tools and systems to bring about the best in our people through competence-based approaches to performance appraisal;
  8. intensify efforts to conduct monitoring and evaluations;
  9. enhance our systems with agility through integration of IT solutions;
  10. establish strategic alliances with other agencies in government as well as with other offices within the City;
  11. formulate or craft new ideas, reinvent services and experiment continuously through the aid of technology; and
  12. propose/recommend structural policy changes to make the city relevant to the increasing demands of the present time.