List of Applicants who Passed the Pre-Qualifying Examination on January 22, 2018

Republic of the Philippines
City of Davao
List of Applicants who PASSED the Pre-Qualifying Exam
Date of Exam : January 22, 2018 pm

No. Name of Applicant

1. Abang, Christian Mark Beloy
2. Almasa, Gabriel Opeña
3. Cendaña, Jessie Cabreros
4. Chavez, Rodolfo Jr Sarigumba
5. Corral, Sylita Mae Linde
6. Gonzales, Geraldine Macas
7. Hilario, Arkhe Anthony Buyco
8. Libertad, Christian Dale Yap
9. Pen, Ron Van Ganaden
10. Perez, Jeseca Castañares
11. Ranalan, Karen Catulong
12. Romero, Ray Hitgano
13. Sahagun, Zaska Katriena Cynthia Mariz Arao-Arao
14. Seguerra, Angelica

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