List of Applicants who Passed the Pre-Qualifying Exam on January 15, 2018

Republic of the Philippines
City of Davao
List of Applicants who PASSED the Pre-Qualifying Exam
Date of Exam : January 15, 2018 pm
No. Name of Applicant

1. Adorable, Myra C
2. Banguis, Sarah Pagalan
3. Calingacion, Edmond Nonol
4. Castillo, Julius Sr. Divinagracia
5. Cheong, Cathryn Longcaya
6. Floro, Leonila Dunahil Patagoc
7. Geraldo, Irish Mae IƱigo
8. Guerzon, Charys Dela Cruz
9. Lacubtan, Methuselah Catalan Luna
10. Lim, Mary Kristine Diezmo Jinon
11. Pasilbas, Joshua Dan Figueroa
12. Payumo, Esterlita Buot Oros
13. Puracan, Jebelle Quillo
14. Ragas, Alleen Christopher Culanggo
15. Ricalde, Ruby Grace Jumawan
16. Rollon, Marife M
17. Tacbil, Jomari Albores
18. Vicente, Benedicto Labog
19. Villaluz, Violeta Relente Balbido
20. Villasica, Cizyna
21. Adorable, Myra C

2 thoughts on “List of Applicants who Passed the Pre-Qualifying Exam on January 15, 2018”

    1. You can send you application documents in PDF file to Please take note of the application documents as follow:
      1. Application letter addressed to the Hon. Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio thru Mr. Erwin P. Alparaque. specify in your letter the position you’d like to apply for.
      2. PErsonal Data Sheet (PDS form 212 revised 2017
      3. Transcript of Records
      4. Certificate of Eligibility/PRC License

      Thank you.

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