List of Applicants Who Passed the Pre-Qualifying Examination on October 24, 2017

Republic of the Philippines
City of Davao
List of Applicants who PASSED the Pre-Qualifying Exam
Date of Exam : October 24, 2017 pm

No. Name of Applicant

1. Apolinar, Anselmo III Magnaye
2. Calvo, Vincent Barquin
3. Decendario, Jeremias Jr Celestial
4. Desoacido, Judy Gubat
5. Disomimba, Sahara Mapandi
6. Fernandez, Karen Joie Galao
7. Hanapia, Sharia Casimiro
8. Macabodbod, Jamaica Del rosario Angcay
9. Macalam, Jaire Mark Lumanas
10. Manoos, Charmie Tulang
11. Pingol, Alexandra De Guzman
12. Vargas, Charleen May Varca
13. Apolinar, Anselmo III Magnaye
14. Calvo, Vincent Barquin
15. Decendario, Jeremias Jr Celestial
16. Desoacido, Judy Gubat
17. Disomimba, Sahara Mapandi
18. Fernandez, Karen Joie Galao
19. Hanapia, Sharia Casimiro
20. Macabodbod, Jamaica Del rosario Angcay
21. Macalam, Jaire Mark Lumanas
22. Manoos, Charmie Tulang
1. Cain, Julius Arayan

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